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Growth and Expansion

Hospital Project Taking Shape

by Matt Van Pelt 21. November 2013

Ellis Hospital is a step closer to making its Emergency Department modernization project a reality. Ellis received approval from the City of Schenectady on Wednesday to build a new parking garage that will be grade plus four levels.


Here’s an architect’s rendering of what the proposed garage will look like when completed.



After months of design and discussion with the City of Schenectady and our neighbors, Ellis’ planned garage will be a welcomed and much needed addition to the hospital’s Nott Street, Schenectady campus.


Ellis’ revised garage takes into consideration the concerns raised by neighbors to have minimal impact on the neighborhood. This structure will provide patients and families with much needed off-street parking that is safe and convenient.


What’s Next?

Ellis Medicine will now submit its application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.


New Photos of ER Construction

by Matt Van Pelt 11. November 2013

I had the opportunity to take a tour inside the future emergency department at Ellis Hospital.  Construction continues to make progress and the new space is still on schedule to open in June/July 2014 (with the existing emergency department space being renovated after).

As many as 70 construction workers are on-site, Monday through Friday.  The crews have been working to enclose the emergency department to shift work inside before the cold weather hits.

An exterior view of the new emergency department space.  Notice the white brick on the side of the building.  This brick color will change to red as it wraps around the corner to the side adjacent to Rosa Road.


Below is where ambulances will pull into the new emergency department.  The ground will be filled up to the black section.  Stay tuned for a future blog post on how plans for the new emergency department account for winters in the Capital Region.   

The interior ambulance entrance:

More interior photos:

One of the 60 treatment rooms: 

This treatment room was mapped out to show the emergency department staff what it will look like once it is completed:


Do you have any questions about construction?  Ask us by leaving a comment below or email communications@ellismedicine.org.


Construction Prepares for Fall

by Matt Van Pelt 17. September 2013

Construction continues to progress on the emergency department at Ellis Hospital.  The retaining wall is expected to be complete by the end of September and work on the new sign at the point of Nott Street and Rosa Road will start in early October.  The new point sign will be a welcome addition when traveling up Nott Street and entering the neighborhoods surrounding the hospital.

As Fall moves in and the weather turns colder, the roof of the new addition is scheduled to be complete in September and the building will be enclosed in October to prepare for the weather.

Check out the artist rendering of what the new sign at the point will look like!



Final Steel Beam in Place

by Matt Van Pelt 19. July 2013

The final beam was installed for the expansion and modernization of the Ellis Hospital emergency room.


The beam was signed by hundreds of Ellis employees, community supporters and neighbors throughout the past two weeks.


The final beam is a historic milestone on the project.  Photos are posted below and on Ellis’ Facebook page.





Beam Signing

by Matt Van Pelt 12. July 2013

Hundreds of Ellis Medicine employees, community supporters and neighbors stopped by the parking lot on Rosa Road to be part of Ellis Hospital history.


The final beam that will be installed in the new emergency department was available to be signed throughout the week.  The beam was permanently marked with signatures, notes of employees’ love for Ellis and “best wishes” to the future emergency department.


The beam is scheduled to be installed next week. 


View more photos on our Facebook page!






Working Through the Rain

by Matt Van Pelt 14. June 2013

Rain has caused floods, road closures and delays throughout the Capital Region this week.  Despite the inclement weather, construction on the new emergency department hasn’t been impacted.

Throughout periods of heavy rain or high winds, the construction crew simply shifts its tasks to those that aren’t weather permitting. 

Comfort Out of the Rain

To ensure the safety and comfort of our patients and visitors, those who arrive by car to the emergency department are dropped off in a covered arrival area to avoid rainfall.  The ambulance drop off area (now located in front of the hospital off of Nott Street) has heated pavement to improve comfort and safety for our patients and local ambulance crews.


If you have any questions about the project, please email communications@ellismedicine.org or leave a comment below.

First Signs of Steel

by Matt Van Pelt 7. June 2013

The first beams of steel were erected this week for the new emergency department at Ellis Hospital.  The first section of steel shown in the photo below is located above the existing emergency department, nesting up against the existing exterior wall.


Check back next week for more photos of the steel infrastructure!


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at communications@ellismedicine.org

or leave a comment below.





A changing view along Rosa Road

by Matt Van Pelt 30. May 2013

Neighbors of Ellis Hospital have seen the view from Rosa Road change tremendously this winter and spring as the new emergency department at Ellis Hospital is built.


In January and February a massive excavator tore down the D-Wing and B-Annex, two of the oldest parts of the hospital.  The next two months followed with the installation of the foundation.


Starting in early June, the new emergency department will start to take shape as the steel is erected to form the new building.  The steel is expected to take about five weeks to be complete.


The first quarter of the construction project has been a great success thanks to Ellis’ team of engineers and staff, Turner Construction and the subcontractors who each had a hand in building a new era of emergency care in Schenectady County. 


Local EMS crews and Ellis’ emergency department staff are also to thank for the success of the project thus far.  Their hard work and commitment to providing excellent emergency care during construction has been crucial to the project’s success.


View some of the latest photos below:


Photo of the steel that will be erected:

Demolition Complete

by Matt Van Pelt 14. February 2013

Construction on the new emergency department at Ellis Hospital reached a significant milestone this week.  The D-Wing and B-Annex have been completely demolished in preparation for the new building that will be constructed.  The two buildings were taken down piece by piece with a large excavator.


The demolition left piles of rubble which were sorted and much of it recycled.  The steel, wood, bricks and other materials are sorted into different piles with nearly 90% of it being recycled.  The recycled materials are used to build roads and other structures within the community.


The next step of construction is to install the caissons to prepare for the foundation of the new emergency department. 


If you have any questions about construction, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or email communications@ellismedicine.org.


Look at that claw!

by Matt Van Pelt 15. January 2013

Move over Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Ellis' ER project has an excavator at work that would make Ty Pennington green with envy.  The excavator is taking down the D-Wing at Ellis Hospital piece by piece.  The building should be completely demolished in the next week.

After the D-Wing comes down, construction crews will clean up the rubble and then move to the building known as B-Annex, one of the oldest parts of the hospital.  

Some photos of the latest construction: