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Finding Out I Was Pregnant

by Lisa Centi 23. December 2013

I think the most exciting moment of my entire pregnancy experience so far, and I think most women would have agree with me, is that first moment when I found out I was actually pregnant. For me, it happened when I took an at-home pregnancy test in the comfort of my own bathroom. I didn’t really think I was pregnant, but thought taking it wouldn’t hurt. When I saw the 2 little lines slowly darken on the stick indicting I was pregnant, my heart stopped altogether in my chest. It was almost as if time stood still as I ran out of the bathroom and into my husband’s arms showing him the test… ”I’m…pregnant….” I barely sputtered out. I’ve never seen him smile so big.

Of course, we were leaving to go to Cape Cod with his family the next day and couldn’t say anything yet to them because we wanted to wait until we went to the actual doctor’s. The only thing I thought of was “how in the world will I go this entire vacation without touching a glass of wine with no one noticing…”  (Come to find out later, people did notice). And just to be sure, since one positive pregnancy test just isn’t enough, while out exploring one day, we bought another package of 2 and I proceeded to take one in a Dunkin Donuts bathroom. Of course it came out positive…and so did the one after that (which I took the moment we arrived home from vacation). At this point we were pretty certain I was in fact, pregnant.

After finally visiting the doctor and getting yet another positive test, that’s when the emotions of worry, excitement and everything else in-between began to appear for my husband and me. He, of course, was excited beyond belief about becoming a father and starting our new family. Whereas for me, I was excited about all of this as well, but also incredibly worried about what this meant about my already changing body. Things including; morning sickness, backaches, weight-gain…and of course, labor.  However, with worry aside, I knew our lives were going to be changing forever and in the best possible way. Our family was starting and our lives were actually beginning. I felt myself becoming part of the creation of a little miracle, and I couldn’t wait to see where the journey took me.


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